Stage Combat and Weaponry

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Tristin Hall is a born and raised Chicagoan and Advanced Actor Combatant with the SAFD. Currently, Tristin is working towards getting certified in Intimacy Direction and becoming a Certified Teacher with the SAFD. She fell in love with Stage Combat Sophmore year of school at Columbia College where she worked with Fight Master David Woolley, CT and Master Teacher (BASSC) John McFarland, CT David Yondorf, and CT and Intimacy Coordinator Rachel Flesher. Since then Tristin has traveled around the country interning and attending various SAFD workshops- last summer her adventures took her to London where she interned for the British Academy of Stage and Screen Combat National Workshop. She is an actor and choreographer around Chicago, one of the founding members of Point Theatre Project, and creator of Gladiator Fight Night- an event where stage combatants compete as gladiators to see who will win the favor of the crowd and the Emperor for the evening.

Recent choreography credits include: Human Resources (Theatre Evolve), Assisted Sam Hubbard with Yen (Raven Theater) and Too Heavy for Your Pocket (Timeline Theater), Some Like it Red and Munsterspiel (The Plagiarists), assisted Rachel Flesher with Sickle (Red Theater), and numerous projects at Columbia College. Acting Credits include Lisa in Falling (Interrobang Theater), Carrie in Carrie and Francine (Haven Theater), Jo-Jo  the Bald Faced Liar in Dog Act (Columbia College), and Phineas in A Separate Peace (Point Theatre Project).  Thanks to the family, friends, and mentors who have been there every step of the way!

Presenting: Stage: Combat Basics. Setting the stage.


Stage Combat Rachel Flesher website



Rachel Flesher is a violence, intimacy, and movement teacher and choreographer. She specializes in intimacy design, youth stage combat, tactical training for actors, and purpose driven stage combat classes (anti-bullying, empowerment, safe space, and consent). She is a Certified Instructor with the Fight Directors Canada and a teacher with Tactics on Set. Rachel has certifications in over 25 weapons systems. Her goal is to create safe spaces for actors to preform brave work. Call her for all your choreography needs or to set up a private class or workshop! or 405-229-4714

Presenting: Engaging muscle isometrics to create the illusion of violence. Push and pull in a fight scene. Gearing your fight to elicit comedy, action, or adventure.  Consent on and off the stage.  Stage Combat falls, punches, slaps.


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Emil Sueck is a Chicago based Actor/Musician and Stage Combatant. He specializes in TYA and physical theatre. He has worked with Great Works, AlphaBet Soup, and Cowardly Scarecrow Productions on several projects. He has also performed commedia dell ‘arte with Laughing Stock Theatre at Chicago’s 2019 Physical Theatre Fest and performed as an actor combatant with the Bristol Renaissance Faire. He studied Acting and Stage Combat at Columbia College Chicago. He has also begun some circus training with Actors Gymnasium. Emil is a founding member of the Point Theatre Project.

Presenting: Stage: Combat Basics. Setting the stage. Stage Combat Choreography


Stage Combat Zach


Zack Payne is a violence, intimacy, and movement designer. He is an Intermediate Actor Combatant, certified through Fight Directors Canada. He specializes in movement and violence that requires acrobatic physicality. His goal is to create exciting storytelling while also teaching artists the importance of consent. Get into contact if you need a show choreographed or a workshop taught email

Presenting: Gearing your fight to elicit comedy, action, or adventure.  Consent on and off the stage.  Stage Combat falls, punches, slaps.



Rachel Stubbs – Sword forger, weapons presenter, stage combat choreographer and photographer.  

Rachel has been active in theater combat as an actress, a choreographer, as well as weapon creation. Rachel is active in theater in the Chicago area, Babes with Blades, the Bristol Renaissance Faire, and much more.

Presenting: History of Weapons: the Roman sword through rapiers. Stage combat.


Neil Massey – Sword forger, weapons presenter, stage combat choreographer

Neil Massey has developed quite a reputation for his stage combat weapons, which include rapiers, daggers and broadswords. They have been used in theaters and movies across the country and overseas, others have been sold to university theater departments.  Neil is a Stage Fight Director and owner of Rogue Steel.

Presenting: History of Weapons: the Roman sword through rapiers. Stage Combat.

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