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Donna Ameismeier – Riverside Township Radio Player

Donna has acted in the Riverside Township Radio Players (RTRP) for several years.  Her favorite roles so far are Ben Gunn in “Treasure Island” and Baby Snooks.  She grew up listening to her late mom talk about fond memories of old-time radio shows.  She loved listening to Chuck Shaden’s “Those Were The Days” – especially to The Shadow and the Fibber McGee and Molly programs.  That inspired her to join the RTRP.

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    Ellie Babka – Producer, Riverside Township Radio Player

As producer, director, script writer, actress for the Riverside Township Radio Players, Ellie is passionate about the Golden Age of Radio (1930’s – 1950’s).  She loves Jack Benny, Suspense, the Shadow, Fibber McGee and Molly and was a devoted listener of Chuck Schaden’s “Those Were the Days” radio program.

Sound effects are mostly re-created just as they were for the original plays – footsteps, door closings, fire (crackling cellophane) and theme music taped from live orchestras that often were part of programs.The Riverside Township and presents a live monthly program at the Township Auditorium to a live “studio” audience, free of charge. The shows are also televised for Local Cable Network 6 as well as streamed on the internet under


 Dick Best  -Director

Dick’s credits include being a radio and TV commercial producer, creator and writer. He is well versed in corporate advertising and public relations director. He is a writer and producer of simulated radio and theater skits.

Dick has been active in a variety of theater troupes including Old Time Radio West (pro and semi-pro radio actors reading old radio scripts from the 1950′s-60′s).  Acting credits include Scrooge in Dicken’s Christmas Carol, as well as everything from a high school student, to a Yiddish foil for Jack Benny, to Chester on Gunsmoke, to a Hungarian store clerk, as well as a commercial announcer.

Presenting: Dialects, Physicality

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