Sue Wagoner headshot2 Sue Wagoner


Sue is a native of London, England where she started her dance training at age three. She went on to train at the Royal Academy of Dance in London. After earning her degree in dance and movement therapy, she traveled all over the world as a professional dancer. Sue is the founder of La Grange’s Impact Dance Studio and has wonderful warmth with children, as well as a sense of humor that they are drawn to. She teaches with radiant positivity and knows how to encourage every student to do and be their very best.

   Mickey Sullivan – Choreographer, Dancer, Artistic Director

Mickey Sullivan has taught thousands of dancers in the Chicagoland area over the past 16 years. Her greatest reward as a teacher is bringing children out of their shells and building self-esteem. Miss Mickey possesses a unique talent and ability to make even the most hesitant children feel comfortable and at ease. She is Owner and Artistic Director of Miss Mickey’s Dancers.

Presenting: Choreography and Dance

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