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The Porch Light – An original work by Chicago Playwright, Felicia Pfluger that chronicles over 120 years (from 1893 through the present) of American life and family. Through powerful, hilarious and fun vignettes, we explore times of radical change in history, the context of cultural change, changes in the family unit, social awareness, wars… and our humanity. The Porch Light is on, children. It is time to come home.

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From an Acting Training Perspective, this show offers: powerful and complex characters for the actor/actress to explore, will teach aging the character, and offers a variety of acting dynamics to master.


Workshop Stage Combat 6

Acting Training Placement Auditions  – LATTE Theater

Auditions start Saturday, September 7th, following the workshop, and by appointment. The teen cast performs a full-length show open for our supportive community, family and friends. LATTE challenges veteran performers while giving a strong and fun primer to those who want to explore theater as a new avenue.

LATTE bases each individual choice of a show on what highlights the strength, chemistry and cast member’s talent through auditions. Our mission is to encourage teens’ growth on and off the stage. Fun and focus go hand-in-hand in a collaborative leadership model.

Tweens-Teens must be available to participate in all performances and heck week.

  • Mandatory Heck Week November 1st  –  8th,  Full CastShow Dates Friday, November 8th  – Saturday, November 9th
  • 3 Show Performance on Friday, November 8th  – Saturday, November 9th
  • Practices Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Saturdays
  • Minimal Vacations/Commitments can be worked around as long as they are not in “Heck week”. All cast members are required to attend mandatory heck week rehearsals and be available the entire days for the weekend of the show. As much as we might want to make exceptions for this time period, it is imperative for the sake of cast integrity that we honor this, according to the Actor’s Code. This is a fun, yet intensive program and we want everyone to succeed!

About Felicia Pfluger

Felicia Pfluger - Founder, Producer, Artistic Director of LATTE Theater