THE PORCH LIGHT – November 8th & 9th. Tickets at Tate’s Ice Cream

THE PORCH LIGHT is preparing to shine for you, in its world premiere this November 8th, and 9th.

This comedic and heartfelt show “gives you in the feels” as we explore real-life issues and triumphs of the suburban family. We witness so many moments that are relevant today – seen through the simple front porch of a house, and all that went on…  and was shared on it. An original work by Chicago Playwright, Felicia Pfluger that chronicles over 120 years (from 1893 through the present) of American life and family. Through powerful, hilarious and fun vignettes, we explore times of radical change in history, the context of cultural change, changes in the family unit, social awareness, wars… and our humanity. Be part of the stage premier. The porch light is on, children, it is time to come home. 

7 pm, Friday, November 8th

2 & 7 pm, Saturday, November 9th


Plymouth Place Auditorium

315 N La Grange Road, La Grange Park


$5 Students/Seniors/First Responders

$12 Presale Tickets Available at Tates Ice Cream in La Grange

$15 Adults at Door

Unassigned Seating. Doors Open 30 Minutes Early for Prepurchase.


Run time: Approximately 2 Hours Plus a 10-minute Intermission

Post-show panel discussion with the Playwright, Cast, and Director

Porch Light Poster Final Final Low Res

Notes from the Playwright/Director

 Almost 18 months ago, I had an idea. I was quietly sitting on a majestic, old, front porch of a friend’s home when I spied some initials wreathed in a heart that some hopeful soul had carved into the rail. I pondered, if this porch would talk, what secrets would it share with us? I mused over the structure and history of the home. The variety of changes that had happened and had been witnessed from where I sat. The different cars, fashion trends and social customs. The radical changes in culture and history.

Children that gave their borning cries in this old structure. The elderly that might have breathed their last breath… after lives well lived. The weddings, homecomings, slumber parties, the first steps of a child – and all their firsts – their first kiss, their first day of school, first dance, first kiss, first job. The holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, and everything in between that make the lives we share, rich and vibrant.

I thought about the importance of this porch – as a safe haven. A light that intertwines our neighbors, community, our families, our history, our humanity… and our hope. For on it, we are sheltered, we gather. We reflect, share, and well… love each other. And it is so necessary especially now, just as much as it was first built. I hope The Porch Light speaks to your hearts as well. We have had fun creating it for you… And now, the porch light is on, friends, it is time to come home.                                                                                     ~ Felicia Pfluger

P.S. – The play is geographically based in the Chicago suburbs. Four suburbs especially have history inlaid into it. You are welcome to hypothesize on it. 😊

PorckLight Florence James

PorchLight Florence James 8PorchLight Florence James 7 PorchLight Florence James 6 PorchLight Florence James 5 PorchLight Florence James 4 PorchLight Florence James 3

PorchLight Joy PorchLight Date 2 PorchLight StockMarket 8 PorchLight StockMarket 6

PorchLight Daddy's Boy 2 PorchLight Daddy's Boy 1 PorchLight Daddy's Boy 6 PorchLight Daddy's Boy 5 PorchLight Daddy's Boy 4

PorchLight Good Life 8 PorchLight Florence James 9 PorchLight Engagement 11 PorchLight Good Life 4 PorchLight Good Life 7 Porch-Light Reunion 2 PorchLight Reunion PorchLight Reunions 7 PorchLight Florence James 11 PorchLight Old Florence PorchLight StockMarket 11 PorchLight StockMarket 10 PorchLight StockMarket 4 PorchLight Colic 8 PorchLight Colic 7 PorchLight Colic 3 PorchLight Marx 2 PorchLight Marx 1 PorchLight Hans 2 PorchLight Hans 3 PorchLight Hans 1 PorchLight Marx Hans PorchLight Marxbrothers 4 PorchLight Marxbrothers 2 PorchLight Average Day 6 PorchLight Average Day 5 PorchLight photoshoot Florence James

PorchLight Cordelia Scene 4 PorchLight Cordelia Scene 3 PorchLight Cordelia Scene 2 PorchLight Cordelia Scene 1

PorchLight Good Life 7 PorchLight Good Life 6 PorchLight Good Life 5 PorchLight Good Life 4 PorchLight Good Life 3 PorchLight Engagement 9 PorchLight Engagement 6 PorchLight Eleanor Sam PorchLight Old Florence PorchLight Engagement PorchLight James and Florence 7 PorchLight James and Florence 4 (2) PorchLight James and Florence 3 PorchLight photoshoot Florence James 2 PorchLight photoshoot Florence James

PorchLight Juju PorchLight Keegan 1 PorchLight Herb PorchLight walls PorchLight It takes a Village PorchLight Daddy's Boy 3 PorchLight Engagement 8 PorchLight Engagement 5 PorchLight Engagement 2 PorchLight Engagement PorchLight Archie 1 PorchLight It takes a Village 2 PorchLight Engagement 4

PorchLight Slumber Party 11 PorchLight Slumber Party 10 PorchLight Slumber Party 8 PorchLight Slumber Party 7 PorchLight Slumber Party 6 PorchLight Slumber Party 5 PorchLight Slumber Party 4 PorchLight Slumber Party 3 PorchLight Slumber Party 2 PorchLight Slumber Party 14 PorchLight Slumber Party 1

PorchLight Guys 1 PorchLight Jazzercize PorchLight Guys 2 PorchLight Dinner 6 PorchLight Dinner PorchLight Slumber Party 9

PorchLight Slumber Party 15 PorchLight Slumber Party 13 PorchLight Slumber Party 12 PorchLight Slumber Party 7 PorchLight Slumber Party 5 PorchLight Slumber Party 4 PorchLight Slumber Party 3 PorchLight Slumber Party 2

PorchLight Ian 10 PorchLight Ian 6 PorchLight Ian 3 PorchLight Ian PorchLight Moms 1 PorchLight Angie 1 PorchLight Herb 6 PorchLight Herb 5 PorchLight Herb 4 PorchLight Juju 7 PorchLight Juju 6 PorchLight Juju 4 PorchLight Juju 1 PorchLight Telephone 7 PorchLight Telephone 6 PorchLight Telephone 1 PorchLight dementia PorchLight Millinium Moms 2 PorchLight Moms 8 PorchLight Moms 5 PorchLight Mom 4 PorchLight PorchLight Juju 5 PorchLight Dinner 1

Photo credit (c) 2019 Felicia Pfluger

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