And Then There Were None

Hang onto your seats, as the teens take you on a theatrical ride of from spine tingling to side splitting laughter – and everything in between! Agatha Christie’s brilliant best seller, with a surprise twist ending, will have you holding on for dear life.

In this superlative mystery, ten strangers are lured and  trapped  – on an island in Devon, England by a mysterious host. . No One has met him, not even the housekeeper or the butler. Yet, every person in the house…. all have something to hide! One by one they all are accused of murder, and one by one this diabolical host kills them off.

A nursery rhyme of the “ten little villagers” graces the fireplace mantle, foreshadowing their deaths. Can you guess who is next?

In this phantasmagoria of gruesome (and very comical) details, involving clues, explanations, suspicions and terror, the LATTE Teens have outdone themselves once again!

So, take a moment and let time stand still. Let the cares of the world fall away. Come ready to forget your worries and responsibilities. Embrace this cantankerous adventure as our talented teens transport you to a comedic web of intrigue and suspense.

Another full length LATTE show for your entertainment 

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