Little Women

The coming-of-age story about four incredibly close sisters growing up during the Civil War, finding their way in the male dominated world of that time, combating poverty in their home and the world around them, dealing with the challenges of illness and death, and finding romance. It is uplifting, powerful, pulls at your heart strings, and makes you root for each character. Based on the Book by Louisa May Alcott, Adapted for stage by Mary Farrell and Coallen Madden, Produced and Directed by Felicia Pfluger

Also, The Stage Premier of Dearest Soldier – Love in War

An Original Work by Felicia Pfluger

Separated. From those they loved – the Civil War Soldier was marching off to face the enemy in battle or setting up camp. When a spare moment could be stolen, he would hastily scrawl a letter to his loved ones… His wife, darling, or family left behind to await his return. These swift sketches into the past gives us snapshots into the soldier’s spirit. Some sweet, some satirical, some poignant, we see the depth and breadth of emotion that bring the past to the present.

The letters returned were the musing of those left behind as they faced the battles of the home front – their hopes for reunification, the pain of being apart, the home front struggle to carry on amid threats of disease, starvation – all while dreaming of an end to war. Dearest Soldier is based on collected letters written by soldiers to their loves, and the ladies to their soldiers.

This Reader’s Theater style show, performed by the Plymouth Place Players as a prequel to Little Women, is based on the actual letters  that journeyed from the battle front to the home front.

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