Crazy Dates

Crazy Dates consists of humorous works from Carol Burnett and original works.

Written by the Troupes:

So Much In Common (Felicia Pfluger), Paranoia (Felicia Pfluger), The Friend Zone (Felicia Pfluger),  It’s a Major Date (Felicia Pfluger), That’s Amore (Felicia Pfluger), Opposites Attract (Felicia Pfluger), Body Bubble (Felicia Pfluger), and Cute Card (Felicia Pfluger).       Dinner Date (Bella Perez), The Pick Up Line (Dick Best), Brief Encounter (Gracia Battestoni) ,

Originally Performed by Carol Burnett:

Nothing in Common, Blind Date, and The Rat Race.

Crazy Dates is a series of short skits performed in the Spring 2013 show (April 12th and 13th) in conjunction with The Giver. Both LATTE Theater teens and Plymouth Place Players performed in the skits.

Have you ever had the CRAZIEST date?

Don’t worry…you’re not alone!


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