Almost, Maine

Cool off this summer with Almost, Maine!

Visualize this recipe… A chilly, winter night in rural Maine.  Add Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream. Mix in helpings of Garrison Keillor’s Lake Woe-be-gone. Throw in a pinch of Northern Exposure and a dab of the Twilight Zone. Add a smidgen of the intellectual David Ives’ slapstick brain twisters. Stir generously with talented actors, and you end up with helpings of whimsy, wit, and wild wiles that disarm you with their genuine nature.

You are about to experience a typical Friday night in the mythical town of Almost, Maine.  Almost is unincorporated in northern Maine, 200 miles from the ocean with the northern lights gracing its skies.

In “Almost”, “falling in love” (or out of love) can be far more literal than you expect! Nine separate snap shots examine the locals  in various states of love. Some are embraced. Some are rebuffed. Some stay hopelessly unrequited.

Almost, Maine disarms you with laughter as you are buried knee deep in whimsy – and snow!  The LATTE Teens have outdone themselves once again!


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