Past Shows

The Fourposter

LATTE, time after time, delivers dynamic, full length, family friendly shows!   We specialize in show that have humor, wit, and layers.  We developed well rounded actors and acting,

Whether Little Women, The 39 Steps, Much Ado About Nothing, Gaslight, The Fourposter,  or The Dining Room,  we always choose shows based on the best cast chemistry, strengths, and helping out actors grow. When you tailor the show to the cast, not the cast to the show, you can accomplish great things as an ensemble.

The LATTE approach, developed by Felicia Pfluger,  teaches leadership development, stage and movement directing, choreography, script writing with  a focus on superb stagecraft. Often teens are able to add to the scripts with their own ideas, allowing them to be more personally and invested.

Teens learn socio-emotional healing and thrive with collaborative leadership as they internalize the motivation that they learn on stage and off. Off stage, the teens are taught and mentored in: literary analysis, character analysis, creating emotional layers, character back stories, growing conflict on stage, project management, and much, much more. LATTE provides a safe haven for teens to embrace their creativity, develop critical thinking skills and contingency planning, but most of all, to have fun and forge friendships that last a life time.


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