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Playbill imageSponsorship
We are offering new sponsorship levels of:

  • Mocha ($50)
  • Latte ($100),
  • Cappuccino ($200)
  • Espresso ($300 plus)
  • All our kind benefactors will be mentioned in the play bills and on our website.
  • Family members of Latte, Cappuccino, and Espresso sponsors attend performances free of charge.
  • Family members of Cappuccino and Espresso sponsors attend workshops free of charge.


Playbill Ads

If you or someone you know would wish to have a half or full page advertisement in the program, please let us know and email the advertisement to us early to make sure there are no compatibility issues before we go to print! We thank you for your support!

$25 half page
$50 full page

*$15 additional fee if formatting required over 20 minutes of work.


Shout Outs
The time honored theatre tradition of saluting the actor or actress with a place in the program, “shout outs” go for the same price of an advertisement, half page or full page.  The cast work hard and deserve to be celebrated. Please consider a “shout out”.


Prop / Costume Donations

If you have a costume, sturdy furniture, or props which you no longer need, call LATTE to see if we can use it! Not only will you get a tax write-off for donating to a non-profit, but you’ll also get the satisfaction of knowing that you made our show a little easier to put on. When you see the show it’ll be fun to see how we put your donation to work!


For all donations to LATTE, please contact Felicia Pfluger. or 708-655-0989.

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