What’s the worth of being involved in LATTE? In a word, priceless.

However, in order to create this priceless experience, LATTE requires funds for props, costumes, and rehearsal and show spaces as needed. Therefore, LATTE charges $35 dollars per workshop and $150 per child to be part of each show.

Considering the 100+ hours of rehearsal and training that each teen receives, this sum is incredibly low. It amounts to less than $1.50 per hour of instruction. The rest of our expenses are covered by program advertisements and ticket sales. We do ask every troupe member to sell tickets.

We know that  times can be tough. If you are struggling to meet our fee, LATTE is there for you. Payment plans and scholarships are available, and no teen will be turned away. Contact Felicia Pfluger (708-655-0989) to discuss this option.

Checks can be made payable to LATTE Theater. Please bring payment to the auditions or workshop.

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