Bow frontA latte (the drink) is a strong coffee topped with frothed steamed milk. How apt that our acronym describes the troupe so perfectly! LATTE Theater, the La Grange Area Teen Theater Ensemble, boasts a strong team of teens who have frothy fun at every rehearsal and who aim to bring that fun out to the audience at every show. 

We, at LATTE, are completely invested as a collaborative team.  For us, the process of putting on a show is just that – a process. The teens work hard together, play hard together, and grow together as they reach and attain their goal of performing of semi-professional productions for the community.

Though we are a local, teens travel in from Indiana, Wisconsin, and further to take part in the program. Many of our teens graduate on to incredible heights in the arts, and otherwise. The Pfluger Movement Method

Troupe members with experience within LATTE help guide each other with their strengths through an age-blind focus. We use strong collaborative leadership to help each other grow, and empower each other, on and off the stage!

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