Troupe Members

A latte (the drink) is a strong coffee topped with frothed steamed milk. How apt that our acronym describes the troupe so perfectly! LATTE Theater boasts a strong team of teens who have frothy fun at every rehearsal and who aim to bring that fun out to the audience at every show. 

We at LATTE are completely invested in our team. For us the process of putting on a show is just that – a process. The teens work hard together, play hard together, and grow together as they reach and attain their goal of performing of high-level productions for the community.

Troupe members with experience within LATTE help guide the junior company members through their first couple shows. Some LATTE alumni have even continued on after high school graduation as college interns, and we are happy to draw from a number of talented resources. We also have the pleasure of working with the Plymouth Place Players in a number of our productions.

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