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Most outstanding teen theater program in the western suburbs. My daughter has gained self-confidence, acting skills, and great experience. The director is supportive, encouraging, enthusiastic, and fun-loving. The quality of the productions is top-notch.

~ Rachel Weaver Rivera

LATTE Shows are AMAZING and so are the talented young people who perform in them. I have had the joy of talking to many of these performers after their performances. and I can see what a difference this opportunity has made in their lives. The director goes way above and beyond in guiding them to fulfill their potential. For the audience, these shows are pure magic; as they are a ticket to another world for a delightful, thought-provoking evening that never leaves you unmoved or unchanged.

~Dory Schonken

LATTE is a great positive environment. My son has learned so much in such a short time. The kids are given confidence and support and it shows on stage. Felicia is really great about seeing everyone’s strengths and showcasing them in a great show! Can’t wait to see this most recent production!

~ Jorie Landfear

LATTE teaches young adults real-life skills- communication, empathy, the importance of practice makes perfect, & following through on commitment – just to name a few. I never knew theater could have such a positive impact until I saw it 1st hand. Mrs. Pfluger does a phenomenal job gently guiding, nurturing, & caring along the way as if these were her own children. I’m blown away at her gift of patience & ability to coach this diverse group of kids ranging from 4th grade – juniors in high school. They all genuinely interact both on & off the stage & no one is excluded. How she does it while earning all of the kids’ confidence & respect is beyond A-MAZ-ING.

~Pamela Schweinberg


I have to tell you folks that I’ve known Felicia Pfluger for about 10 years. My own involvement in the business is as an actor approaching 50 years. There are not many people I’ve met with her kind of encompassing, loving commitment to the arts… and she does this with children. I admire the whole of LATTE Theatre, and I will continue to wholeheartedly support the work of Ms. Pfluger as it continues to grow and mature. She’s one of the good ones, my friends.

~ Ron Keaton


This is an incredible place for teens to learn about theatre and grow, emotionally and socially. The primary director and teacher is one of the nicest, kindest, most encouraging person you will ever meet. She’s like a second mother to so many of the youth that participates in these classes and plays. The quality of education and the high expectations on teamwork and positive reinforcement and personal accountability will be a great asset to your child’s growth.

~ Sarah Herndon


The environment of LATTE is truly special. Mrs Pfluger shares the journey of putting together a theater production from start to finish with the kids and inspires efforts from them that you wouldn’t think teens were capable of. Under her direction, the kids have a goal, safe space, and support to forge trust in themselves, each other, and their team as they explore, share, and create amazing performances.

~ Karen Weber


Felicia has always been kind, respectful and caring to the children and adults that engage in the awesome realm of theater through LATTE From the start all are aware of the responsibility that goes into the producing of great theater. The joy and at times the hardship of following the actor’s code. With great power comes great responsibility. I have seen every show that Latte has performed and each time I have been amazed at the children’s grasp of the characters they portrayed and with the skill set they have embraced through the direction of Mrs. Pfluger. Come see stagecraft at it’s finest

~ Barbara Roppo


Wow. Where do I begin? This is something that I am truly so thankful for and proud of. Mrs. Pfluger and the rest of the LATTE crew are some of the most genuinely amazing and wonderful people I know. I am so thankful for LATTE and everything they have done for me. I’ve not only grown as an actress, but I’ve grown as a person too.

~ Hadley Rivera


My son has gained so much from LATTE Theatre. He’s learned to act, conflict resolve, teamwork, and hard work pay off. LATTE is a blessing to us.

~Michele Bouchard



Felicia has always been kind, respectful and caring to the children and adults that engage in the awesome realm of theater through LATTE, from the start all are aware of the responsibility that goes into the producing of great theater. The joy and at times the hardship of following the actors code. With great power comes great responsibility. I have seen every show that Latte has performed and each time I have been amazed at the children’s grasp of the characters they portrayed and with the skill set they have embraced through the direction of Mrs. Pfluger. Come see stagecraft at it’s finest

~ Barbara Roppo




I have been fortunate enough to experience the benefits if LATTE first hand… not only is the goal to produce a college quality play, but to teach leadership, teamwork, and the ability to raise their peers to their highest potential, as well as improving their own self esteem.

~ Nancy Lizowski


Being a part of LATTE has been an amazing experience for my daughter. She has grown immensely with her confidence and self-esteem. It is a lot of hard work, but well worth it. These kids bond together to help each other stay focused, and learn their lines. It’s amazing to watch them blossom in their characters. Felicia Pfluger, the director, has such a nurturing spirit and exhibits so much patience while teaching these kids. She allows them to have a voice in the production of the play. This has been an unforgettable experience for my daughter. Thank you, LATTE!

~ Kim Franz:


LATTE gives teens the opportunity to grow in multiple aspects of theater and in a professional setting. In the shows that I’ve done with LATTE, I have learned so much about acting a variety of characters, what goes into directing, and I have gotten to know some of my closest friends. It is an extraordinary experience overall. I think I have not only become a more seasoned actress, but a more confident individual. Everyone who has been part of the show has been so kind and supportive. I really appreciate them all!

~ Sophia Joyce


My son has gained so much from LATTE Theater. He’s learned to act, conflict resolve, teamwork, and the hard work pays off.  LATTE is a blessing to us.

~ Michelle Bouchard

When my daughter first joined LATTE at 12 years old in Little Women, we could not have anticipated her growth. When we attended the workshop, she was very shy and did not know anyone. I thought she would refuse to continue. But she has and her confidence and poise have grown tremendously, spilling over into her school work. The dreaded oral report does not fill her with anxiety anymore. I credit Felicia Pfluger and her troop of  teen actors who are ALWAYS supportive and encouraging. Felicia is incredibly patent, positive, and a superb teacher, director, and mentor. I don’t know how she juggles the hundreds of production details and the needs of a dozen teens actors (on and off the stage) who are various ages and levels of experience. I’ve got to take my hat off to her – She’s a special lady.

~ Pearl Gaskins

Director, Felicia Pfluger, has a heart for teenagers and a love of the arts that is both contagious and encouraging. A wonderful opportunity for teens and tweens. You should really check out this theater group.

~ Gwen Bielicki:


I am very excited that my son has become part of LATTE. As a parent, I know my son is in great hands with Mrs. Pfluger. and I am overcome with pride and joy every time I hear my son talk about how practice went. We look forward to every performance.

~ Ruth Hernandez:


LATTE is a unique group that allows each student to grow, experience and share talent. I am a presenter of yoga in the audition process, and see quite a transformation of the students on stage. Each play I have seen is creative and also adaptable to our modern world. A must see!

~ Donna Prenta:


A truly wonderful organization with adults taking care and guiding exceptionally talented young people. I am proud and flattered to have played a very small role in helping. Go see a show, folks!

~ Mike Ostrowski:


I have known Felicia Pfluger and LATTE theater for over 3 years now and continue to be impressed by not only the professional level of theater produced by the group, but the positive affect this group has on the teens involved and, in fact, everyone who interacts with them.

LATTE is our “Artists in Residence” group as they practice at First Baptist Church of LaGrange. My rather shy daughter took an immediate liking to “Miss Felicia.” Not only was she made comfortable by Felicia’s kindness, but she was fascinated by the way Felicia was coaching the teens in detail to produce a very high quality production. The first play we saw was “The Importance of Being Earnest.” The rehearsals were both history lessons and behavior analysis. In addition to learning lines and blocking, the teens were learning things not readily found in High a School history books, like how women of that time period communicated feelings with hand-held fans. Teens were also learning, really learning, to put themselves in the “shoes” of their and other characters to consider feelings–and how to handle those feelings–that would arise in the life of the characters.

No where was the depth of the teens learned character analysis more clear than when they talked about “getting into character” during their actor “talk back” after the show. LATTE regularly gives the audience a chance to interview the actors after their matinee show, where without even knowing it, the teens showcase how much they’ve really learned during preparing for each production. Leadership is another skill LATTE works to impart on the teens and LATTE takes this to another level by establishing a Student Board for the organization. This Board helps make decisions regarding the future of LATTE and teaches teens business skills as well.

However, it’s not just the teens that get engaged, LATTE works and thrives on including parents, families, and even seniors. Most recently, LATTE has been performing at Plymouth Place, a beautiful local retirement community. As part of these productions, LATTE has been joined by residents at Plymouth Place, participating in special theatrical vignettes and scenes crafted purposefully by Felicia to showcase the seniors talents.

In fact, off-the-shelf plays are rarely performed by LATTE. Felicia regularly customizes the script, timing, and characters to both the needs/resources of the troupe AND to add a unique flair or focus for their very professional productions. What do you do when your best match for a prominent male character in a play is a young woman? Well, if you’re LATTE, you rewrite the script and teach the kids to adapt and adjust and produce a phenomenal adaptation of the play in question. LATTE has even produced their own original plays based on adaptations from books, with the author’s permission of course.

Not only does LATTE benefit the teens and their families, but the group believes strongly that theater should be accessible to everyone. As such, the prices for tickets are extremely affordable and they often offer “scholarships” to students who participate in learning workshops and productions.

~ Kathy Doyle


It was hard to become part of LATTE after my last theater group fell apart, but it was the right decision to try.  There was not one person who did not welcome me with open arms.  I was so amazed at how many outings people did together, and how many plans we were making inside and outside of theater.  I know I have made some life-long friends here, not only with the teens but with the adults as well.  Now I can’t even imagine not knowing :them!  Everyone was so accommodating and allowed me to take on various leadership roles I love.  Acting has always been such a passion for me.  It’s wonderful when I find people who share some of that love.

The only thing I have ever aspired to be is an actress.  I did whatever skits or acting classes came along and have always enjoyed playing different roles.  Acting helps me to figure out who I am and fight through things in my life better than almost anything else does.  It enables me to find different parts of myself and my personality with the different characters that I play.  I go away having a part of them in me.  But that’s not all theatre has done.  It has opened so many doors to improve my dancing, improv, leadership and organizational skills.  I feel I have helped my peers in some way with their abilities and self-trust along with changing themselves as they have done with me.

~ Rachel Bonarek

Some amazing memories and times of LATTE Theatre include all the fun of learning. At LATTE Theatre I received an opportunity to be a volunteer. I write director notes, set up props, assist with line memorization and help with costume decisions. My thoughts of LATTE Theatre will never be forgotten.

~ Briana Jackson

What can be said about LATTE? Amateur theater perhaps?  No.  LATTE holds the key to so much more. It paves a way for new friendships, and experiences. Before I joined LATTE I thought I wouldn’t do acting because I didn’t know where to. After hearing about LATTE and decided to not only join but become a part of the family, it exceeded my expectations. I went to the first workshop thinking “How will I ever get a good part?” I was thinking only of competition and its negatives. LATTE is the opposite of competition and negativity, its fairness and support for one another. LATTE has given me the knowledge that I can do anything I strive to do. It has pushed my comfort zone and is allowing me to have great fun all at once!

~ Kayla Devereux:


LATTE Theater is truly my favorite theater group I have ever joined in all of my years of performing. I was very nervous coming in and unsure how others would perceive me since I was very shy. However, as soon as I got to know everyone involved in LATTE, they were so nice and now all of them are my best friends.

In LATTE,  everyone has a certain uniqueness and spark that makes them different from everyone else when it comes to performing and also as a person. Everyone in LATTE respects everyone’s differences and contribute with each other to help others perform different roles they are not comfortable with and discover things about themselves they never noticed before but it was always there.

In LATTE I learned so much about myself through the different roles that I have played. A lot of these roles I never would have thought of playing, but in LATTE, anyone can play any role they put their heart and soul into it when everyone in LATTE  is backing you up, giving you acting tips, cheering you on to succeed and most importantly, have fun!

I am very thankful to have so many nice people to work with in latte and a wonderful director to help me whenever I am in trouble or unsure about the character I am playing. I am truly thankful to have found LATTE, especially how I came here surprisingly and by a bit of luck. I recommend it to anyone who is truly passionate about performing and expressing yourself in theatre. There truly is no experience like going to LATTE Theater.

 ~ Kyle Donnelly:

Long practices, more work… why does anyone join a theater troupe in their spare time? As a member of this group- LATTE – I can assure all that there was every reason in the world to join this troupe. I meet friends that I have known and loved for years. I expand my ability as an actor and a playwright. And I put on great shows of humorous and serious quality. I had every reason in the world to join, and now I have every reason in the world to remain.

~  Nick Edinger


As a college student at Bradley University, I am at a stage in life where I need more reputable experience to define me as an actively social and intelligent individual leader.  But as I finish write this, I must say that I will still never regret having performed at LATTE Theatre.

There are times where my mind wanders back to my fortunate experiences LATTE Theater where, as the Vice President of the Troupe Ensemble, I found one of the strongest & most personal networks available.  The friendships that I made here at LATTE, all of which are founded on principles of teamwork, coordination, managing, and simple fun, are built to last.  I always look forward to coming back from college, rushing to meet my former troupe members again.

Leadership, a potentially everlasting social network, public speaking, creativity, and learning other important life skills while still having a blast..  What’s not to love?

Start young!  Join LATTE Theatre, today!

~ Rob Edinger:


Above all else Theater means family.  From all this I’ve gained experience in advertising, graphics and acting the segued into life skills of public speaking, time management, and most of all not to be, or to be less nervous in front of crowds.  It has boosted my confidence, my comfort and my “extended theater family.”

~ Chris Longino:


I’m a college student studying for my Early Education degree, with a minor in dance. My love of dance and working with children/young adults I owe to the theater groups I was involved in growing up like, B.D.T and L.A.T.T.E. They brought me out of my shell, taught me the magic of theater, dance, and, gave me lifelong friendships.

~ Maddie Longino:


LATTE Theater means a lot of different things to me. Throughout my years of involvement, I’ve had many different roles. I’ve been an actor, director, playwright, and stage manager. I’ve been a student and a teacher. All of these things have given me insight and taught me individual life lessons. It has been and continues to be an unforgettable experience.

Working with the advertising and marketing section, I gained confidence, walking business-to-business. By becoming a playwright I improved my writing skills considerably while simultaneously having fun with my peers and mentors. By acting I allowed myself to let down my guard in a new way, which has helped me tremendously when I am put into new and difficult situations. My public speaking skills have improved dramatically and I’m more confident when around large groups of strangers. By being a director to my peers, as well as to younger children, I learned tact in a new way. Being a stage manager allowed me to improve my organization. I learned so much from theater simply by being involved and having fun.

Perhaps even more than I appreciate theater for teaching me life skills, I appreciate theater for providing me with a group of friends with incredible bonds. My theater friends are my lifeline, my second family. We love and support each other unconditionally and stick together through thick and thin. These people are my life. There is no easy way to describe what theater means to me simply because it means so much to me. There are no words to describe the influence that it has had in my life. In many ways, theater is my life.

~ Alyssa Pfluger:


Through my life, I can look to what groups made me what I am. It offered friendships that remain the strongest ones I know to this day. I taught me about community and more importance the importance of contributing to a community you love. It might seem that taking a persona outside of yourself on stage would not give you any lasting life lessons, but the understanding of how to make things come together is one that will always be there. Even my ability to succeed academically is contributed somewhat to my theater troupe when memorizing facts helped me know the most effective way to learn. Once involved in theater, its in your blood, and the after-effects can only be described as life-changing.

~ Justin Pfluger


LATTE Theater/LHTP was my world for over 4 years in my life.  Through theater I have gained friendships that will last a life time, a sense of humor that I share with my friends, and the ability to do well in public speaking.  Since public speaking is one of the biggest fears in someone’s life, next to death, I am very glad that I have been able to overcome that fear.

I have made memories that will last all my life.  Who could ever forget wearing a big giant red suit on stage pretending to be a Tellitubby?  Without theater, I would still be that quiet girl sitting in the corner in class.  Now I am willing to speak my mind and care less about people think of me and more about how I feel about myself.  Theater has purely given me confidence and happiness.

~ Carlyn Witt

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