Born Yesterday

Born Yesterday

Born Yesterday    

Born Yesterday is a very unlikely coming of age story! As World War II ends, the crude, shady scrap metal king,  Harry Brock, heads to Washington, D.C., determined to bully and buy his way in. Harry’s only liability is the socially ineptness of his ditsy, showgirl lady friend, Billie Dawn, a beautiful woman with a deceptively simple facade.

Harry hires the upright, idealistic investigative reporter, Paul Verrall, to “educate” Billie, hoping that she will acquire enough class and social polish to prevent embarrassment. But little does Harry realize that underneath the ignorance and apathy, Billie is an intelligent woman with a vigorous sense of right and wrong, blossom into an empowered and informed powerhouse.

As Billie and Paul tiptoe towards a romance, Billie begins to awaken and question the ways Harry has been using her — especially her position as a “silent partner”.

In Born Yesterday, personal and political oppression is exposed and outwitted in the intellectual rebirth of the iconic “dumb blonde”, Billie Dawn, who ultimately stands up to Harry Brock’s violent intimidation and shuts down his shady bid for governmental cooperation. Looks can be deceiving, even to yourself…


Billie Dawn – Female lead, Billie, age 29, was a show girl and has been dating Harry for almost a decade. She likes “the good stuff” of life and feels like she has achieved all she can. Until now. Strong. Soft. Powerful. Has layers that she discovers as she has her own personal coming of age story.

Paul Verrall – Male Lead, Early 30’s. Standard American accent. Paul Verrall is an investigative reporter for the New Republic. He came to do an expose on Harry and ended up taking a job “smartening up” Billie. You know he takes everything in and has a strong but not righteous sense of ethics. Falls for Billie

Harry Brock – Male Lead, 40s, New Jersey accent. A hard-scrabble junkyard dealer with a shady past, Harry Brock is a bully and war profiteer who loves Billy and takes comfort in her easy-to-please innocence. It is obvious his plans to take Washington by storm are limited by Billie’s ignorance. He will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

Ed Devery – Strong, supporting Male in his 50’s. Standard American accent. A now bitter and corrupt lawyer, Ed Devery is a fallen hero of the people that now tends to Harry’s shady dealings and helps launder Harry’s business dealings through Billie’s status of a ditsy “silent partner”. He forgot who he is… and only remembers as he sees his reflection in Billie’s eyes.

Eddie Brock – Supporting male in his 20s – 40s, New Jersey accent. Eddie Brock is a cousin to Harry Brock, a wealthy and rapacious scrapper. He is subservient to Harry and has been nrsing a crush on Billie for many years.

Senator Norval Hedges – Supporting male in his 60’s, Standard American accent. Senator Norval Hedges is nervous, and has been pushed around even given his status for years. He is anxious, looks beaten down by life, and takes comfort in his marriage. He has forgotten why he became a senator.

Mrs. Hedges – Supporting female in her 60’s. Standard American accent. She loves and supports her husband and attempts to invite Billie into Washington’s social circles.

Helen – Featured female in her 20’s. Standard American accent. An employee of the best hotel in Washington, D.C., Helen is a maid and connects with Billie

The Assistant Manager – Male in his 40’s Standard American accent. The Assistant Manager is employed by the best hotel in Washington, D.C.. He is proper, shocked, snooty, and has no idea how to deal with the affluent “riff raff” that is renting the pent house for a month.

Bellhops – Two fast moving late teens, interested in please the rich for the best tips they can. They know they have a good gig, if they can only keep it.

Barber, Manicurist, Shoe Shine

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