Stepping Out – May 11th and 12th, 2018

Stepping Out promo 8

Ages 11-19

Learn different dialects and accents.
No Tap experience necessary

Personal and Professional Development for Teens.

‘Stepping Out’ – a play with tap dancing on and off the stage! One that the LATTE Teens’s favorite potentials!

This flashy 1980’s comedy play showcases eight aspiring individuals who meet and persevere together through a beginning tap dance class in a dingy church in London’s West End.  Through the class, they transcend the challenges of varied backgrounds, hopes and fears – and tangled feet attempting to performance.

Their fearless leader, Mavis, (a professional dancer rebuilding herself from the near glory days) stays the course with, and despite the assistance of her curmudgeon of a piano accompanist, Mr. Frazier.  As the show progresses, the class moves from tapping being coordinated and comical to controlled and classy. This growth mirrors the skill in combatting challenges off the stage with ability, skill and precision.

The dance routines are the background and catalyst for the relationship and personal development.


  • 1 – 2 Males
  • 8 – 9 Females
  • Teens ages 11 – 19 play all character roles

Auditions will involve a cold read and movement audition to gauge how tap/dancing is approached/enjoyed rather than how well it is performed. *Ages are ‘playing ages’. Stage chemistry between the characters is an important as individual abilities.

Must be willing to commit to:

  • Having fun
  • Character dance and acting.
  • Tap shoes,
  • Develop accents including:
    • English
    • Irish Brogue
    • Jamaican
    • Cockney
    • Jersey


Mavis the teacher

  • Near Professional dancer who “almost made it”.
  • Attractive, approximately 30.
  • Considerate, patient, organized and always obviously in charge of the group.
  • Has tons of talent, but has forgotten how good she really is.
  • Has a boyfriend that holds her back – controls her by limiting her self-esteem.
  • Required: Very proficient tap-dancer.


  • Sweet, eager to please. High English accent.
  • Understatedly pretty, never wears make-up.
  • About 23
  • A young student nurse who takes the class to combat the pain she sees at the hospital.
  • Good Dancer.


  • Small, anxious, birdlike with English accent.
  • Horrid allergies. Bike rider.
  • Between 35 – 45
  • Habit of repeating other people’s last words. … (“people’s last words”).
  • Has to be fast on the draw. Intense character acting.
  • Decent Dancer, but exaggerates every movement.


  • Confident, attractive, 30 – 40.
  • Think “Edna Mode” with big diamond rings.
  • Was a child commercial star.
  • Takes the class as a diversion.
  • Can have an Drawl, American Accent.
  • Okay dancer

Andy (woman)

  • Thin, 30 – 40. English accent.
  • Timid, self-conscious, wants to save the world, but cannot save herself,
  • Developing kinship and potential relationship with Geoffrey.
  • Bullied/Abused by her husband, she is trying to grow and stretch as a person.
  • Tries to tolerate Vera’s grating personality.
  • Uncoordinated and horrid dancer at start.
  • As confidence grows, learns to trust herself and her ability.


  • Shy, quiet, honest, a bit bumbling – Think Hugh Grant. English Accent.
  • Widower who takes the class to honor his dead wife’s memory and heal.
  •  Has a crush on Andy, 30 – 40. Afraid of Vera.
  • Very hen pecked by the women – though it is done in a teasing way.
  • Hap hazard dancer who grows.


  • Bubbly, over-flirty, no filter between her thoughts and mouth.
  • Chews gum all the time.
  • 25 – 40
  • Wears loud/kitschy clothing.
  • Think Fran Dreisner from the Nanny.


  • Over-ample curves – and loves them!
  • Larger than life, Trinidadian/Asian, wearing obvious wig, crucifix around her neck and lots of finger rings.
  • Adored by her husband and family. Struggles with a teen son.
  • 30 – 50.
  • Hapless dancer, but has so much fun no one cares – including her.


  • Neat, proper, snobbish. Gossiper who has a secret. Impeccable English accent,
  •  Expensive tastes in clothes (but doesn’t quite get it right).
  • Immaculate hair & make-up aspiring middle-class.
  • 35 – 50. A compulsive control and clean freak.
  • Wants attention  – ignored and ostracized  by her hubby and daughter.
  • Decent Dancer with a prima donna tendency.

Mr. Fraser

  • The pianist, 50+. Milton Beryl meets Jerry Lewis
  • Reads magazines, intolerant, sarcastic, and grumpy.
  • Believes to be doing everyone a favor just by being there.
  • Needs to look to play the piano.
  • Protective of Mavis like a parent – and bullies her.
  • Non dancing role


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