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Pride and Prejudice

Jane Austen’s classic novel springs brilliantly to life – filled with class, sass, snootiness, vexing and hopeful courtships, as well as the fun and fury of relationships. In this vibrant, powerful new stage adaptation by Felicia Pfluger, Pride and Prejudice gives a comedic plunge into Jane Austen’s masterpiece, Elizabeth Bennet is an independent woman ahead of her time with a quick mind and quicker wit. Yet with her overzealous, matchmaking Mother, four animated sisters, and a string of unsuitable suitors, it’s difficult to escape the subject of marriage. Enter Mr. Darcy, handsome, arrogant, and infuriating. Darcy’s pride and Elizabeth’s prejudice clash, as and sparks fly as the most famous literary courtship in history unfolds before your eyes. Come see one of the original rom-coms in a new adaptation for a new generation.

Lady Catherine De Bourgh – 
Darcy’s arrogant aunt, and the matriarch of the extended family who dominates Mr. Collins and entertains hopes that her daughter will marry Darcy.

Colonel Fitzwilliam – Darcy’s well-mannered and pleasant cousin, who is interested in Elizabeth, but who needs to marry someone with money. Slowly opens Elizabeth’s eyes to Darcy’s kindness and honor

Mrs. Gardiner – Mrs. Bennet’s sister-in-law acts as a levelheaded maternal figure to Lizzy and Jane, compensating for Mrs. Bennet’s inadequacy in this regard. She is an intelligent, caring and sensible woman. Austen uses the Gardiners as a means to explore the value of personality over class distinction.

Mr. Gardiner – Lizzy’s maternal uncle. A merchant by trade, he is an upright and intelligent man. Though he is a lower social class than the Bennet Family, he is kind, respectful, and distinguished. He even impresses Darcy with his well mannered behavior.

Sir William and Mrs. Lucas – Charlotte’s parents

Colonel Forster – Darcy’s kind cousin, who admires Lizzy. He is honorable and speaks the truth that Lizzy is not ready to hear.  A good-natured and basically responsible man, Colonel Forster is the regiment leader who allows his wife to bring Lydia to Brighton. After the disastrous elopement, Col. Forester helps Mr. Gardiner and Mr. Bennet to locate Lydia
Show Dates May 10th – 11th

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