Coming November 11th and 12th


Insanity lurks within….

Some dreams are too good to be true… All appears the essence of Victorian bliss and tranquility… Yet can this kind and suavely handsome husband, Mr. Jack Manningham, slowly be driving his gentle, devoted wife Bella, to the brink of insanity?

Insinuating kindness masks sinister motives. Sweet Bella becomes increasingly isolated, confused, and confined. Jack escalates accusations of Bella of playing wicked pranks and tricks that she can’t recall, tormenting Bella to make her question her own sanity.

Frightened, Bella becomes paranoid and believes everyone is against her. Until one fateful evening when a keen police inspector pays her a visit, shedding light on information that could save her life. Could Mr. Manningham be the homicidal maniac wanted for a murder committed fifteen years earlier in this very house?

Evidence against Manningham unfolds… Laying wake to a even more dangerous madness… Gaslight delivers a Gothic thriller that is brilliant, suspenseful!

Group tickets  708-655-0989
Advance Sales – Tate’s Ice Cream, 25 S Ashland Ave, La Grange, IL

Plymouth Place Auditorium

315 N La Grange Rd

La Grange Park, IL


7 pm Friday, November 11th

2* & 7 pm Saturday, November 12th

*Actor Talkback

The Cast of The 39 Steps thanks you for a wonderful show run!
LATTE Cast of The 39 Steps

LATTE Cast of The 39 Steps

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