Save the show date! Supporting cast auditions now!


Save the date! May 12th and 13th for LATTE’s Spring show, Blithe Spirit!

The smash comedy hit, fresh from the London stage takes you on a ghostly ride of magnificent mayhem! It’s life or death… With a twist! Fussy, know-it-all Charles is happily married to Ruth, but suddenly haunted (literally) by his late wife, Elvira, brought back from the grave by eccentric Madame Arcati. Competition ensues as Elvira decides she has dibs on Charles in the most unexpected ways…

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Supporting cast  auditions are taking place NOW! Call to set your time.

Supporting Characters:

Edith – Edith, the maid. Edith plays a tiny part in the bulk of the play but turns out to be a central character. Edith, not Charles, has the extrasensory powers that called Elvira back from the dead, and only Edith can make Elvira return. Edith is quick a whip, and needs to be able to sing. She steals the show at times! Comedic timing is imperitive.

Dr. Bradman – A middle aged neighbor to the Charles and Ruth, he is a sceptic at heart, and likes to be entertained. Dr. Bradman is a doting husband, pleasant looking, and likes to have a good time, and be in on the joke.

Mrs. Bradshaw – Wife to Dr. Bradman and neighbor to the Charles and Ruth, she is “a bit faded” and likes to be included. She probably does not get out much, and welcomes the ideas of “hearing her future, and the séance. The believer to her husband’s sceptic.