LATTE Theater, La Grange HAS IMMEDIATE OPENINGS this Fall in their Teen Acting Training Program!

PETER VAN DAAN – Peter is shy, loves his cat, and alternates between being fascinated by Anne and frustrated by her simultaneously. At 16, he is shy and awkward, slightly nerdy, fumbling, bumbling, and slightly tentative, but grows into the love of Anne’s short life. As life the annex continues, he takes strength from Anne’s vivacious nature and eventually falls in love with her.
MRS. or MR. KRALER – is Mr. Frank’s business partner and the protector of the annex. He is honor bound, but taken for granted at times. He makes many sacrifices in order to save the lives of those sheltered in his care.

LATTE is open to advanced middle school and high school age actors with practices on Tuesday/Wednesday/Saturdays. Group placement is based upon audition. Sign up for a Saturday, September 8th placement audition, after our Professional Acting Workshop.

Learn more about the LATTE Theater, NFP offerings. Come to a show. Meet the director. 708-655-0989.

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LATTE, the La Grange Area Teen Theater Ensemble, serves the Greater Chicago Area in developed phenomenal theater and socio-emotional growth utilizing the hybrid approach developed by Felicia Pfluger that pairs Socratic Method and the Stanislavsky technique to help:
~ Develop phenomenal stagecraft, acting and directing through our full length plays and preparation.
~ Strengthen collaborative leadership skills.
~ Develop emotional resiliency and self comfort.
~ Decrease emotional frustration and anxiety by succeeding on stage and off.
~ Increase authentic self confidence and awareness.
~ Partner in the collaborative leadership of a team.
~ Form deeper connections with friends and family through emotional availability and empathy.
~ Channel and internalize wiser problem solving.
~ Increase personal perception-filter awareness through character motivations.
~ Emotional awareness through character analysis and introspection.
~ Manage emotions successfully through the stage show preparation process.
~ Strengthen connections with friends and family.
~ Creative problem solving and extrapolation.
~ Build empathy as teens internalize social awareness of perceptions, filters, and motivations through script analysis and interpretation.
~ Utilize different art mediums to analyze and facilitate emotional understanding and healing
LATTE gives all stages experience a chance to grow.
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LATTE Theater (La Grange Area Teen Theater Ensemble) believes in our future together, because we realize the potential in every child. LATTE focuses on more than excellent theatricality, but lifelong success and happiness. Since 2009… LATTE has prepared ages 11-19 by surrounding them with a safe haven of strength through stage that fosters transformative social capital.

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